Other books on nature printing

"Creating Art From Nature", by NPS Members, John Doughty and Sonja Larsen

A new how-to book using nature printing techniques to create art.

Techniques include stamp pads, brushes, brayers, daubers, a hammer and paint rollers. The images are made with water colors, block printing inks, relief inks, metallic powders and polyurethane glue. How to do leaf and flower prints on oriental paper, card stock, printer paper, glass, ceramic tile and clay.

With over 50 years of combined nature printing experience, John Doughty and Sonja Larsen have partnered to write a highly illustrated and practical guide to the art and craft of nature printing.

$21.00 for 1 copy, plus below shipping

$5.04 (USD) to US and Territories

$6.61 (USD) to Canada

$10.77 (USD) to Mexico

$22.50 (USD) to all other countries

"The Printer's Catch: An Artist's Guide to Pacific Coast Edible Marine Animals", by NPS co-founder, Christopher Dewees
Published by Frog Ltd.: Berkeley, CA. 112 pp. [paperback edition; ISBN: 1-883319-41-2] Front cover: Chub Mackerel (Scomber japonicus)

By special arrangement, the Nature Printing Society is pleased to make available to the general public "The Printer's Catch" at the reduced price of $10.50 US (regularly $12.95 US). This soft-cover edition of his popular 1985 book is a "must have" for fish printers of all levels. It contains technical and culinary information on over 30 Pacific Coast classes and families of fish, shellfish and invertebrates, detailed instruction on both direct and indirect Gyotaku printing methods, and color reproductions of over 65 of his prints.

$10.50 for 1 copy, plus below shipping

$14.00 (USD) to US and Territories

$21.05 (USD) to Canada

$27.25 (USD) to all other countries

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